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We thank all our Russian and international partners, members of civil society and human rights community, and volunteers for the informational, diplomatic, financial, moral, and hands-on support that made Queer Fest possible. 

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Scissor Sisters

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Civil Rights Defenders has been supporting the Queer Culture Festival from its very beginning and we are proud to be part of it for its sixth years’ celebration. Queerfest supports the right of everyone to be and express oneself freely, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. The Festival does not just create a platform for raising understanding for everyone’s equal rights but it also strengthens the LGBT community. This has become increasingly important in todays Russia, where human rights organizations, and in particular, LGBT organizations, experience governmental pressures and freedom of expression is being limited. The laws that ban propaganda of “homosexuality” do not just discriminate against LGBT people and limit the space for free speech but has also fed the widespread homophobia in the country. In the aftermath violence and harassment of the LGBT community and those protecting the rights of LGBT people has increased. In this context Queerfest has become a unique platform free from homophobia, xenophobia and social stigma. Its importance cannot be overestimated.


I am writing you this letter in order to pledge Manifesta 10's support for the 6th edition of the International Queer Festival, "QueerFest 2014", which will take place in Saint Petersburg this September 18 — 28.

Manifesta 10 believes that artistic practice can act as a tool for free thinking and also as a bridge between art and society in complex times. For the same reasons, Manifesta supports the aims of the International Queer Festival to highlight the importance of ensuring the freedom of expression of identity, and the importance of the inclusion of vulnerable groups in society, in particular, the LGBT community, which in Russia is being marginalized and limited in its ability to openly participate in wider society.

The work of this valuable organisation is devoted entirely to advocating the recognition of universal human rights under the banner of tolerance and diversity, free from discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation, gender identity and other characteristics. They provide legal and psychological counseling to individuals who seek protection, organize educational and cultural events, and engage in community building.

Most prominently, the annual International Queer Festival is a ten-day platform for constructive dialogue with wider society and artistic expression through open discussions, seminars, exhibitions and performances accessible to the general public. Only by creating a space without homophobia, sexism, xenophobia or other forms of prejudice can we truly empower the LGBT community in Saint Petersburg and promote social change in Russia.

Yours sincerely,

Hedwig Fijen

Amnesty International
Мы хотели бы передать вам искренние поздравления в знак признания вашей смелости и самоотдачи при организации Международного Фестиваля квир-культуры. Качества, проявленные вами, особенно важны перед лицом реальной опасности дискриминации и насилия в адрес ЛГБТИ в России. Случаи подобного отношения к вам многократно отмечались и продолжают отмечать Amnesty International. Мы всемерно поддерживаем право на свободу самовыражения, на свободу собраний и союзов, которые позволяют проводить культурно и социально значимые мероприятия, такие какМеждународный Фестиваль квир-культуры. Мы также поддерживаем всеобщее право на защиту от насилия, которое в полном мере распространяется на ЛГБТИ.Amnesty International многократно призывало правительство Российской Федерации защитить право ЛГБТИ на свободу самовыражения, а также оградить эту группу лиц от проявлений насилия или травли по признаку сексуальной ориентации или половой идентичности.

С уважением,
Хавиер Зунига
И. о. директора региональных программ и исследования

Amnesty International Ireland
We at Amnesty International Irelandfully support your struggle for tolerance, diversity and respect your stance of drawing attention to homophobia, transphobia and abuses of rights to assemble and other forms of discrimination in Russia. We believe the International Queer Festival represents a valuable opportunity to highlight, peacefully and lawfully, the issues that affect vulnerable groups of society including LGBT people.We at Amnesty International Ireland fully support your right to organise and hold this event and wish you and everyone involved every success for the 3rd International Queer Festival in St. Petersburg.

Golm O'Gorman
Executive director
Amnesty International Ireland

В сентябре, Санкт-Петербург станет свидетелем третьего Международного Фестиваля Квир Культуры, организуемого российскими правозащитниками.
Сavaria, Фламандская (Бельгия) ассоциация более чем 100 ЛГБТ групп во Фландрии и Брюсселе считает, что это неоценимая возможность для межкультурного диалога, а для такого прекрасного города, как Санкт–Петербург, это событие может оказаться переломным моментом в русской культуре и демонстрации суровой действительности, переживаемой лесбиянками, геями, бисексуалами и транссексуалами России.
Мы хотим поздравить вас и выразить свою поддержку в ваших немаловажных начинаниях. Желаем вам удачи в проведении Международного фестиваля квир-культуры 2011 в Петербурге!

С наилучшими пожеланиями,
Сavaria, Бельгия

COC Netherlands
The set-up of the festival combines knowledge exchange on different topics with all kinds of creative expression resulting in celebration of diversity, which is very much supported by us. Only if we show ourselves we become visible, only if we speak up we are heard, only if we seek common ground with other individuals, organizations, institutions and individuals, we can start a movement that is capable of changing the world.

In solidarity,
Koen van Dijk
Executive Director COC Netherlands

International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Youth and Student Organisation
The Queer Festival has proved being more than just a cultural event. It has showed that unanimity has noboundaries and that art can be a tool to raise awareness of the human rights and fundamental freedoms ofLGBTQI people.
We believe the great efforts the organizers of this annual event undertake to help artists, queer activistsand their allies come together and enjoy the joyful mood and colors of this ten-day cultural festival will givetheir fruitful results, challenging homo/bi/transphobia, social prejudices and stereotypes about lesbian,bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer people.

Zara Shushanyan, on behalf of the IGLYO Board and Staff

The risk of violence and discrimination faced by LGBT persons in Russia is very real, and the importance of events such as the International Queer Culture Festival cannot in this context be underestimated. We call on the Russian Government to recognize its duty to protect the rights of all its people, including LGBT persons, and to provide sufficient support and security measures for the Queer Culture Festival to become a safe and great success.
We stand with you in solidarity, and wish you a wonderful celebration of queer culture, creativity, love, life and human rights.

Bard Nylund,
President of LLH, the Norwegian LGBT association

SETA Finland
We are proud to join the supporters of Queer Fest 2014, the international queer culture event in St Petersburg. Queer Fest is an important expression and celebration of diversity and equality. Queer events have the power to unite and empower people to face and challenge discrimination, violence and inequality in the society.
Seta congratulates Coming Out for its efforts in compiling an interesting and exciting program for the Queer Fest 2014, and wishes a successful and joyous festival in the magnificent city of St Petersburg.

Aija Salo
Secretary General
SETA, LGBT Rights in Finland

Мы все разные: мы имеем разную расовую или этническую принадлежность, у нас разный образ жизни, возраст, пол, вероисповедание, физические способности, сексуальная ориентация, культурные ценности и политические взгляды.
Но именно различия дают нам возможность показать всю широту и разнообразие жизни, принять ценности других людей и поделиться нашими ценностями. Квир-фестиваль, который проходит в Санкт-Петербурге уже в третий раз - прекрасная возможность для этого.
Генеральное консульство Нидерландов в Санкт-Петербурге поддерживает проведение Квир-фестиваля и высоко оценивает работу организаторов фетиваля, которая направлена на снижение дискриминации, социального неравенства и социальной изоляции, а также на развитие идей толерантности в обществе.

С уважением,
Йеннес де Мол
Генеральный Консул
Королевства Нидерландов в Санкт-Петербурге

Генеральное консульство Великобритании
Foreign Office Minister Jeremy Browne said on the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia on 17 May: “We want to send a very clear message that the British Government is strongly against homophobia and transphobia, and strongly in favour of people being free to live their lives without fear, either from the state or from the society more generally discriminating against them.”
We believe the International Festival of Queer Culture offers a valuable opportunity to highlight, peacefully and lawfully, the issues that affect vulnerable groups of society, including LGBT people, and to encourage a culture of tolerance. We wish you every success with the event, and strongly support your right to hold it.

Gareth Ward
HM Consul General

Борьба с дискриминацией и нетерпимостью, борьба за равные права является трудной задачей, в решении которой жизненно важную роль играет гражданское общество. Такие организации как ваша, выполняют ценную и важную работу. Ваш фестиваль в 2010 году имел большой успех и показал неконфронтационным способом, что квир-культура может играть положительную роль в обществе.
Генеральное консульство Швеции поддерживает вашу инициативу. Мы восхищаемся вашей стойкостью и храбростью и тем самым выражаем свою поддержку Международному фестивалю квир-культуры.

Ян Нюберг
Генеральный консул Швеции

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